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Well here we go again as they say. The organisers of the Festival have invited us back for 2013 and the Choir have spent the last few weeks learning new songs for this year’s event.

The songs are a well kept secret at the moment but are as far as traditional Welsh male voice singing as you can get!!! But brilliant. Our Conductor and accompanist have been working their socks off getting the arrangements in place and the Choir up and running. On the 6th July the Choir spent the day recording the new songs followed by a fantastic day in Portmeirion itself on the 14th July in sweltering heat filming for the promotional video for this years event when one of our songs will be revealed. Thanks to the film crew for their work on the day, a long hot day but which made the surroundings even more breathtaking. We think some of the many tourists there were a bit bemused by the whole thing?!

However just this small visit has started a bit of a frenzy on the Festival No 6 facebook and twitter pages, similarly with the Brythoniaid’s pages. We think it’s going to get a LOT busier before September.

Watch this page for more details and developments!!!

W: http://www.festivalnumber6.com/

F: https://www.facebook.com/Brythoniaid

Well, as the song goes “ Where do I begin.....” The Festival No6 at Portmeirion. What a weekend and what an experience for the Choir.

Following the fantastic reception and comments the promotional video received it's a different kettle of fish singing live at a pop Festival. It was with some trepidation that the Choir arrived at Portmeirion on the Friday evening and made their way to the Piazza. However it started to become apparent by the amount of people who approached members asking “what time are you on” and taking photographs that things were about to get special.

At the allotted time the members collected above the Piazza and could see hundreds of people massing in front of the staging area with a palpable buzz in the air. And what a setting with the unique ornate buildings floodlit behind the Choir, it was magical. Then came the time for us to be announced to the audience and for us to make our way down to the performance area. The level of cheering and applause which greeted us took even our 'concert hardened' members by surprise and was an unforgettable experience. John Eifion and Liz looked decidedly nervous at this point so we started off with the song that had brought us to Portmeirion, namely Blue Monday, to be received with a huge cheer and as the song progressed, spontaneous dancing, something we are certainly not used to.

From there on it simply got better and better and at the end of our performance time, with every song being rapturously received, the feeling of elation from all our members was something which will stay with us for a long time. The comments from audience and members were the same 'an amazing experience', and we still had two performances to go, would the same atmosphere and response be present. The answer was a resounding Yes.

At the end of our three performances we were on a high and although we had performed on four consecutive nights, not a word of complaint or regret from any member. The resulting comments to us personally and on our facebook and twitter pages are something to be proud of. The fact that so many young people approached us to congratulate us and say that the whole occasion was 'awesome' will stay with us for a very long time.

Many thanks are due to the organisers of this Festival and to the staff who made the event an unforgettable experience, but especially to the people who took time to sit in their deckchairs and on muddy ground and any vantage point going... Thank you very much.

There are now many clips on Youtube of this unique occasion, so please have a look:


W: http://www.festivalnumber6.com/

F: https://www.facebook.com/Brythoniaid



Festival No6 2013

Well there we are another Festival No 6 done and dusted. The question is was it as good as last year. Not to put to fine a point on it, it was AWESOME again. We had a rehearsal on site on Thursday evening in the pouring rain which didn't go too well, all the expletives from the conductor gave us a clue, but that was that. It would be alright on the night wouldn't it???

Friday night came and all the doubts came to the fore, would it be dry, would there be anybody listening to us, would our choice of music be suitable and after Thursday night, would the Conductor turn up!!!! As last year, the Choir formed up before we went 'on' and we could see the crowd below, what a sight, about 2000 people crammed in the Piazza area with a fantastic atmosphere. Well, when we walked down the steps in the light what a reception. As one commentator said "I thought David Bowie had walked on".

It was amazing, with each song being rapturously received and to finish off with Design for Life and our surprise song Uprising by Muse got the crowd on to their feet shouting for more. Great credit should go to John Eifion our conductor who sang the solos in the songs which he would not normally sing, but did so as if on the X Factor, brilliant. And our accompanist Elizabeth who, with headphones on and a head torch to see the music and playing blind from the conductor, how she managed and so brilliantly defies belief. What a first night.

This time we had a special CD available called 6 for No6 which contained all the songs we were commissioned to sing as well as two others and sold very well over the weekend. Here again, a huge thank you to some of the wives of the Choir, affectionately called the Brythonwags, who sold the cd's with gusto and a smile, diolch.

The second night was also very special with a lovely moonlit night and a HUGE crowd giving us a reception you would never associate with a Male Voice Choir. Every member walking to the stage with a huge smile and tremendous pride. If there had been a roof on the Piazza, it would have been lifted, fantastic. And more of the same on the third night, tempered by a downpour midway through the performance, but nobody budged, apart from the technicians who rushed down as Elizabeth was playing an electric keyboard!!!!

Plus the fact her music sheets turned into a soggy mess resulting in her playing the 'big' songs from memory, what a star. And with John singing under a brolly, it was truly a memorable occasion.

There are so many people to thank we cannot do it here but Festival No 6 and Luke Bainbridge in particular many many thanks and also to Rich Roberts of Ferlas Studios in Penrhyn, what a talented and obliging producer who did a superb job over the weekend and on he CD itself, he made us sound very good !!

Roll on 2014 I say.

P.S. have a look as some photographs which were taken on the weekend on our website.

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14/9/15 - Festival No.6 2015

How time flies. The fourth Festival No 6 was upon us and we were lucky enough to get an invite back to this

magical event. This year was different in that we were told that we could ‘do our own thing’ and that we did not have to do a cover version of one of the headline acts so we chose one for ourselves and hoped it would be as well received as previous efforts. Grace Jones would have been very difficult to cover, so to speak !!!

This year was different. We had our normal Friday night performance but on the Saturday we would be taking part in the World Premier of a 3D audio version of Under Milk Wood by Keith Allen showing on a big screen in the Piazza with the Choir singing ‘La Vergine’ at the beginning of the film with Buddug Verona James as a soloist and then Eli Jenkins Prayer at the end.

The Friday night arrived with grey clouds overhead, would this dampen the spirits of the audience? ….. Not in a million years. The reception, once again was amazing with people packed in at every vantage point which never ceases to amaze us. And so to the performance. Halfway through and two things happened… one, the heavens opened, and two unfortunate technicians had to stand, holding a plastic sheet over Liz our accompanist, so not only did she have soggy copies, and a headtorch she now couldn’t see the Conductor but somehow or other managed to keep going. This coincided with the ‘premier’ of our cover song namely One Day Like This by Elbow which was received at the end by a fantastic reception, and as several twitter users remarked “the best yet”. At the end of our ‘set’, the response was brilliant.

The Saturday performance posed numerous problems. The Choir had to start singing La Vergine exactly three seconds after the opening credits started, which sounds easy except the Choir, Conductor and accompanist were behind the screen!! With John peering into the darkness for a cue, we came in, smack on time. The soloist Buddug James complimented the Choir perfectly with a performance that was both powerful and sensitive as required. Again, comments on the internet remarked “a magical experience”. Many Thanks to Buddug.

We arrived on Sunday for our final performance in bright sunshine and no wind…. Perfect. The afternoon performance always has the question of whether the audience will be as numerous as previously. No problem, there were people everywhere, stretching to all corners of the Piazza. Even when Liz walked down to check the keyboard, dressed in her glittering sequined Welsh flag dress, the applause rang out. It bode well for the rest of the performance.

And so it was, the Choir revisited past Festival covers and sang Uprising by Muse with Rich Roberts giving his all in the solo bit, Blue Monday which had started our adventure off in 2012, and another performance of our Elbow cover which again received a fantastic response. The response at the end was breathtaking for the Choir and this always amazes us as a large number of those present would not normally go within a hundred miles of a Male Voice Choir concert, but here they were, on their feet and cheering and shouting for more.

So that was it, singing done, many interviews and filming completed, a very tiring but stupendous weekend.

Many, many thanks to John our Conductor and Liz our accompanist who as always did a fantastic job. To Festival N.o6, Portmeirion and the absolutely fantastic audiences. Diolch yn fawr iawn.